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Privacy is dead, but don’t worry, says top tech blogger

Privacy may be dead, killed by the modern age of computing, but there is no reason to fear the companies gathering information on us, said Robert Scoble, a tech evangelist, author and blogger.

The Big Data revolution has begun. Thanks to a plethora of smart devices, and with many more yet to come, corporations know more about us than ever. Privacy, to put it mildly, is increasingly a thing of the past.

But Scoble is unworried. “Big data collection sounds scary, but those who embrace it are going to benefit in many ways, while those who don’t probably won’t,” he told an audience in Jerusalem last week.

That collected data is going to be coming from everywhere, Scoble said at an event sponsored by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP). Scoble was in Israel to attend several events connected with wearable technology and the Internet of Things, in which sensors are going to be integrated into almost everything to collect data on all aspects of our lives. The information would go to companies who will use it in a variety of ways, from marketing products to monitoring our health.

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