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Predicting Crime with Big Data Without Breaking the Bank

Researchers at Rutgers’ School of Criminal Justice have developed commercial technology that public safety practitioners and researchers worldwide are using to fight crime.

Leslie Kennedy and Joel Caplan of Rutgers invented a technique that uses crime data to identify and map environmental attractors of crime. Called Risk Terrain Modeling (RTM), the spatial risk analysis technique takes crime data for a specific locale along with other data about the physical environment and forecasts where new crime incidents are likely to emerge and cluster. That information helps law enforcement agencies strategically allocate resources.

The technology is being offered free of charge to law enforcement agencies. It was be presented last month at the second annual White House “Safety Datapalooza.”

The Rutgers’ School of Criminal Justice developed the Risk Terrain Modeling Diagnostics Utility, a software app that automates the steps of RTM. The product is bundled with affordable training or provided at no cost to practitioners who use it to diagnose spatial crime vulnerabilities and predict new crime locations. RTM is currently used by hundreds of U.S. crime analysts, according to the school.

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