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Practice Fusion Lands A Whopping $70M To Bring A Big Data Cure To The Healthcare Crisis

The world of digital health startups has begun to explode over the last two years — and innovation in healthcare along with it — but nonetheless, the latest reports show a landscape that is still suffering from a dearth of seed investments, investors that are still “dabbling,” and an absence of a powerful player like Google or Facebook. Today, however, Practice Fusion appears poised to take up the reigns and perhaps create that blockbuster IPO that the digital health space has been waiting for.
Since its inception in 2005, Practice Fusion has been on a mission to re-invent the stodgy, archaic world of Healthcare IT by offering a free, digital platform for Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) to doctors, their practices and their patients. Fast forward to 2013, and over 100,000 doctors have adopted Practice Fusion’s EMR platform and are now using it to prescribe, communicate with providers, order labs and document visits.

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