Pivotal Brings In-Memory Analysis To Hadoop

Pivotal, the EMC spin-off company pursuing modern application development in the context of cloud computing and big-data analysis, on Monday released Pivotal HD 2.0, an update of its Hadoop distribution incorporating an in-memory database and a battery of new analysis capabilities.

Pivotal HD 2.0 is the vendor’s first distribution based on Apache Hadoop 2.2, the latest release of the open source platform incorporating YARN system resource management controls. The release also integrates and supports Apache GraphLab, an open source framework for derivatives monitoring, recommendations, and graph analytics.

The big news, however, is the addition of GemFire XD, an in-memory database designed to execute algorithms and analytics on data in real time. Blending elements of Pivotal’s GemFire (in-memory object grid) and SQL Fire (in-memory database), GemFire XD puts a SQL-compliant, in-memory database on top of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), from which it can read data or write data with ultra-low latency.

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