Personal apps bring Big Data to daily life

Big data, which has been regarded as the purview of large corporations, is becoming pervasive in daily life with the emergence of mobile apps that gather information on ordinary activities.

Mobile apps are playing a big role in accumulating digital information individuals produce and processing it into big data.

The so-called data maker apps that accumulate and analyze our daily activities, such as hospital visits, working hours and instant messages, which we easily overlook, can help individuals by reminding them of behavior patterns or providing information about other people. They can also reduce the need for taking notes constantly.

According to a report by EMC Digital Universe, the amount of digital information around the world is about 1.8 zettabyte this year and it is expected to double each year.

The app named Text At analyzes the content and format of instant messaging via smartphones and gives users advice on relationships with people or their love life.

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