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Oscar predictions using Big Data: Farsite aims for Academy Awards repeat in 2014

The self-described “data geeks” at Farsite are using trash talk for motivation as they aim for repeat success at using Big Data to predict the Oscars.

Last year the data analytics startup applied the statistical modeling skills it sells to retailers and other businesses by predicting 2013 Academy Awards – and hit on five of the six top winners.

Since acquired by Columbus-based Information Control Corp., Farsite is still feeling scrappy about proving its performance was no fluke.

Prominent on its Oscar prediction blog and publicity is a quote in the Wall Street Journal last year from Scott Feinberg, awards analyst for the Hollywood Reporter: “I know there is no scientific way of predicting the Oscars.”

Farsite must build credibility for what data analytics can do for clients, said co-founder Michael Gold, executive director of the division.

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