Optimize Your Big Data to Create Opportunities for Advanced Analytics

Today’s progressive business leaders are demanding their companies integrate their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems with external sources, such as social media and machine sensor data, all while tapping into cloud computing systems to deliver actionable insights quickly and in a cost-effective manner.
It’s clear why: In this age of big data, new technologies and methods are evolving quickly and providing organizations new options to acquire, store, organize, and analyze large volumes of diverse data. The opportunity is here to manage data in a way that reduces the overall cost associated with a traditional data warehouse, while aggressively exploiting new analytical capabilities. Advanced analytics (analytics that provide for the forecasting of future events and behaviors, allowing businesses to conduct what-if analyses to predict the effects of potential changes in business strategies) can turn poor business decisions, made using haphazard guesswork, into well thought out and successful business decisions that improve operational efficiencies, drive revenue, and provide an competitive advantage in the market.

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