NoSQL: Eventual Consistency Yields Major Flaws

NoSQL and I don’t get along.

That’s not really NoSQL’s fault. Nor, frankly, is it mine.

Instead, I blame our rocky relationship on NoSQL’s fanclub—or developers who blindly assume that NoSQL is the answer to all of the world’s problems. It’s not. NoSQL is a viable technology for a subset of specialized needs and use cases—that comes with significant tradeoffs (as does every other single technology available).

Yet, what I commonly hear from developers high on NoSQL catnip, is that relational databases don’t scale or working with them is hard or tricky. Honestly, every time I hear that I want to reply with “Booohooo. Cry me a river.”

First of all, relational databases can and do scale. Just fine. Yes, maybe your CRAPPY database is having major problems, but that’s potentially because you bit off way more than you could chew and failed to architect things correctly. But, make no mistake, relational database can and do scale. It might take some effort and you might have to learn and master some things, but relational databases do scale—just fine.


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