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My thoughts on big data and data science: no, it's not hype

Denying that big data is a new paradigm (post year 2000) is like saying that the human population has been huge for a long time: if we can handle 10 million human beings as we did a few thousand years ago, we can handle 10 billion today the same way, even one trillion. It’s the same as saying that data flowing at 10 million rows per day can be processed and analyzed the same way as 10 billion or one trillion per day, which (billions per day) is common in transaction data (credit cards), mobile, web traffic, sensor data, retail data, health data, NSA, NASA, stock trading and many more.
Each time a credit card is swiped or processed online, an analytic algorithm is used to detect if it’s fraudulent or not (and the answer must come in less than 3 seconds most of the time, with low false negative rate). Each time you do a Google search, an analytic engine determines witch search results to show you, and which ads to display.

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