MongoDB, Cloudera Form Big Data Partnership

MongoDB and Cloudera are the successful leading vendors in the NoSQL and Hadoop markets, respectively, but both firms figure they could be that much more successful if would-be customers weren’t so confused about big data.

That’s the gist of the reasoning behind a deeper alliance between the two companies announced Tuesday. As part of the deeper partnership, MongoDB and Cloudera say they will co-market and co-sell their software as complementary big-data technologies. In case you couldn’t guess, MongoDB will be pitched as an operational database for high-scale applications while Cloudera’s Hadoop-based Enterprise Data Hub will be described as an analytical platform.

“I realized we needed to do something after I spoke at the Strata Conference last year on the topic of MongoDB and Hadoop working together,” said Matt Asay, MongoDB’s VP of marketing, business development, and corporate strategy, in a phone interview with InformationWeek. “Afterward I was blistered by people who said, ‘I thought MongoDB and Hadoop were competitors.”

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