Middle East Businesses No Longer "Intimidated" by Big Data Challenge

Middle East businesses are no longer overwhelmed by the big data challenge and are increasingly turning to cutting-edge solutions to achieve previously unattainable value, experts and business-leaders agree.

Speaking at an SAP-hosted round-table event in Dubai today, anti-collision software pioneers SK Solutions delivered a vivid use-case scenario for how the mining and analysis of big data can make an unprecedented impact.

Dr. Séverin Kezeu, CEO, SK Solutions, cited his company’s co-innovation with SAP to enhance worker safety, reduce costs and improve productivity on Dubai construction sites. The project uses sensor-based data fed through a system using a portfolio of SAP technologies, including in-memory computing platform SAP HANA, to prevent cranes and construction vehicles from colliding.

“Modern cranes are immense, able to lift loads of more than 19 tons to heights more than 80 meters, and crane operations can result in a range of dangerous situations,” explained Dr. Kezeu.

“Our solution entails deploying sensors on cranes and construction vehicles to pull actionable data such as 3-D motion control via inertial motion unit, location via GPS and load weight, equipment usage and wind speed and direction. This information is then extracted to help keep personnel safe and enhance utilization of construction equipment, which helps improve productivity and ensure projects meet key milestones.”

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