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Microsoft Power BI brings big data to the little guys

Big data has been all the rage for a few years now. It seems like everything is “big data this” or “big data that,” and every vendor has managed to work “big data” into their marketing materials as the buzzword du jour. Beneath the marketing hype, though, there is actually tremendous value in applying big data analytics. Unfortunately, extracting information from big data is easier said than done, and most small and medium businesses lack the skills and resources to do it — until now. Microsoft has solved that problem with the launch of Power BI.

According to Quentin Clark, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Data Platform Group:

“Today business intelligence is only used by a fraction of the people that could derive value from it. What we all need is modernized business intelligence which will help everyone get the information they need to understand their job or personal life better. Not just the type of information gained from an Internet search, but also information from expert sources.”

Microsoft took one of the most popular and widely-used applications — Excel — and gave it new capabilities with Power BI. Most customers aren’t business intelligence or big data analytics experts, but they’re comfortable navigating Microsoft Excel. They understand the conventions, and it’s easier to embrace and apply the Power BI tools from the familiar interface of Excel.

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