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Microsoft Launches Machine Learning Azure ML to Predict the Future with Big Data

Cloud and machine learning in a new service is set to work together. Meet Azure ML, a new project that Microsoft will launch in July to its customers, for the creation of applications that can predict the future on the basis of previous data.
Azure ML is a cloud service that will allow scientists and developers to effectively integrate predictive analytics data into their applications, helping organizations to use huge amounts of data and to provide all benefits of cloud machine learning.
Companies have realized that data analysis is an effective means to improve their services and optimize their strategies. So far the data analysis was a rather complex process, causing many skills both commercial, as statistics, mathematics or technology. The financial cost of cleaning of the data and their interpretation had been often too costly and time consuming for companies to exploit their data. But with automation and platforms such as Microsoft Azure ML, big data analytics may be converted into gold mines.

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