Machina: The value of M2M is in the (big) data

There has been a lot of discussion recently about Big Data and the impact on machine-to-machine (M2M). This month Machina Research published its report “Creating value from data analytics in M2M – the Big Data opportunity” and in this article we pull out a few of the key themes of the research.

The core of what we have known as M2M in the past has focused on device-centric solutions requiring the transmission of basic data. As an example a simple home alarm device needs only report that it has been triggered. However, as the industry matures we increasingly see a shift from the simple transmission of data to two-way communication between platform and device to create intelligent feedback processes. It also involves the provision of richer information, based on pulling in numerous additional data sources. A good example of this would be usage-based insurance (UBI), where the application pulls in behaviour data from the driver and analyses it to determine the risk profile of their driving. This contextualisation of data requires a richer set of capabilities and shifting from simply carrying data to providing risk-scoring based on that data is also the key to unlocking a tremendous amount more value for the provider of the service.

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