Lumosity’s latest research shows that we can learn quicker

Every day you can read about how a company is using “Big Data” to get at the world’s “Big Problems.” I’ve always been dubious of these kinds of pitches, because the concept itself is so nebulous. Big data, at least to me, just means that we have a lot more documentation about what humans are doing. Yes, we can catalog and regress more data about their behavior, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we will actually reach any real insight.

But while there’s this big push to harness “Big Data,” some, like Bay-area-based Lumosity, are quietly exhibiting new and profound methods to take this mass of numbers to new analytic levels.

Lumosity makes brain training and memory exercises that people can perform in the comfort of their own home or on their mobile device. The games are fun brain teasers aimed at increasing users’ cognitive abilities and memory.

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