Listen to the data duet of the Voyager space probes

In 1977, NASA sent up two space probes, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, to study and venture beyond our solar system. Now heading off in wildly different directions, they are still sending back data, and here’s what it sounds like:
That’s based on 37 years’ worth of cosmic ray sensor data. 320,000 measurements were selected from each probe, taken at one hour intervals, then converted into 320,000 notes at different sampling frequencies.
Then GÉANT, Europe’s high-speed academic data network, used its grid computing facilities to create the above duet live, at the NASA booth at November’s Super Computing 2013 conference. This was all down to Domenico Vicinanza, a trained musician with a physics PhD, who is both GÉANT’s network services product manager and its arts and humanities manager.

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