Less known applications of Big Data in traditional sectors

There are a lot of material available on how big data is influencing the modern sectors like banking, legal, hospitality, health and retail etc. This article is an attempt to shed light on the applications of big data in other traditional sectors.
Manufacturing companies use big data to reduce wastage and to show variation in their product. Manufacturers need an approach to analyze the data and correct the flaws in their procedures.  Advanced analytics provides such an approach to them. It involves the application of statistics and other mathematical tools to data in order to improve the process. The managers can use advanced analytics to identify pattern and optimize the factors to have a greater effect on yield.
Metal mining
Predicting the availability of equipment, the problems to cross through the process can be done using analytics. IBM is using big data techniques to predict the equipment failure. The mining process is watched over and the records are collected on a monthly basis. It is estimated that billions of dollars of money could be saved using the data. The combination of factors such as size of the load, wear and tear and the amount of fuel are taken together for predictions.
Logistics is a field which involves handling not only goods but also the data about them. At some point every process in logistics involves handling of data about the goods, be it about the point of origin or the point of consumption. With big data analytics the company can add additional value to the information they have. With data becoming transparent the efficiency to handle it increases.
Social Profiles
Many companies are preparing profiles based on the behaviour of people on social networks. These businesses build their own resumes for the candidates from the information gathered from social media profiles. They use big data to identify interests and skills of the candidates and find out the right one for the position they want to fill in.
Product development
The success of a business depends upon the introduction of a new product. Analyzing data before a product development has its benefits. It may increase product performance, cuts cost due to flaws in product, and enhance customer experience. The approach in analytics of previous product development will give a glance of the mistakes made and the developers can make sure that the mistake is not made twice.
Healthcare organizations
Data is growing at a pace that the technology could not cope with handling of data. Nearly 80% of data the healthcare organizations hold is unstructured and resides at varying places. In a study 95 % of Healthcare CEOs are expecting better ways to explore and manage big data. They are working on capturing information of a patient to get a complete view. Understanding a patient is what these organizations are meant to do and advanced analytics can help them with that.
Security Intelligence
With the increase in cyber crimes and computer intrusions the organizations are facing a real threat. To face these problems the businesses need to enhance cyber- security with big data technologies to process new data. By analyzing network traffic organizations can become aware of the threats in advance and can avoid major break-ins. With security intelligence the organizations can get data for evidence of criminal activity, such as internet, mobile devices and social media.

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