Kicking Off A Data Science Project: 4 To-Dos

Veteran data scientist Carla Gentry has accrued one of the prime benefits of experience: She has made enough mistakes to know how to avoid making them again.
Gentry, who runs the consultancy Analytical Solution, has plenty to say about data science projects — including what you should do before you even get started.
Gentry gets the current obsession with data science, given the hype around big data. Yet while big data may be a relatively new phenomenon, data science is not.
“Data science has been around for decades, and it’s not just big data. I hear a lot of people clumping these two together like they go hand-in-hand, which I agree with to an extent,” Gentry said via an email interview. “However, big data needs data science, but data science doesn’t necessarily need big data. Most of the data a typical company handles on a daily basis or houses internally is not big data.”

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