IT Infrastructure Barrier to Big Data Analytics

Infrastructure matters for companies looking to realize the potential of big data. A new study found that when data centers are poorly structured, data analytics projects don’t live up to their potential. As more midsize firms turn to analytics to help them remain competitive, they must ensure their investment manifests in full by considering how their data centers are structured.
Analyze This
Computer Weekly recently featured the new study, “Route to Real Time,” by Vanson Bourne and commissioned by Hitachi Data Systems. It took a look at UK based companies that have implemented big data analytics. Sixty percent of the companies that invested in big data realized that they don’t have the right type of data center structure to truly analyze it in real-time analysis – which means that accuracy is affected. In fact, the study found, more than half of the companies realized that, despite their having invested in analytic software solutions, their business decisions were being based on old or inaccurate data.

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