Is there a sequel to NoSQL?

The recent news that MongoDB, Inc. secured $150 million of investment capital underscored the fact that open source data is no longer in its infancy.
In fact, judging from the marquee names of the investors—including T. Rowe Price and Fidelity Investments—it’s fair to say that open source data has just passed out of late adolescence. It’s not fully grown up, but pretty soon it’ll have a mortgage and a retirement account of its own. And Wall Street is betting that it will some day hurl stones big enough to hurt giants like IBM and Oracle.
But the journey towards NoSQL adulthood hasn’t always been smooth.
Anyone who’s been lurking around the edges of the NoSQL world for a few years will remember the 2010 fallout when a MongoDB scaling and load balancing issue sent Foursquare into darkness for eleven straight hours.

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