Is the cloud set to fly?

The potential of big data is still a hot topic, but very little time is spent actually addressing how this works in practice. The fastest growing answer to the big data dilemma is cloud storage and according to the latest IDC predictions demand for big data and cloud computing solutions will soar by 55 per cent this year.

Are marketers simply trying to outdo each other with the latest technological innovation or is there actually a genuine opportunity here for marketers to produce real results from big data? Is the cloud set to fly?

Cloud storage emerged as a method to solving the data surplus with some added incentives for marketers. Looking at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) we can see that hundreds – even thousands – of connected devices are set to enter the marketplace in the next three years. From wearable technologies to our thermostat, these devices will collect microscopic details about our everyday lives. Add to this, the information generated through accessing a brand’s website, phoning its customer service line or sending an email.

We are fast approaching data oblivion, where we have more data than we can possibly store – let alone analyse effectively or keep up-to-date.

The idea behind cloud storage is that data can be consolidated in one place, as with a large mainframe database system. The difference with cloud storage is that data can be collected from any source and accessed anywhere in the world. As the amount of data available to marketers grows, the use of cloud storage could enable them to gain the all-important single-customer-view from an enormous data set.

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