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Is "HR Analytics" Going to be Just Another Buzzword This Year?

We heard “HR analytics” quite a bit last year but was it just another buzzword? What about this year, will it still be another buzzword?
It doesn’t have to be. With data still continuously flowing, with transactions and processes still continuously getting automated, HR analytics is something that is a lot more than an overhyped buzzword. How you identify the metrics that matter and how you tie the data to your business strategies are really the factors that keep it alive and going. Sure, ‘analytics’ sounds like just another buzzword or another marketing campaign because of the hype around it but there is a real tangible, actionable, and meaningful agenda behind the term. Companies who are big on analytics are all thriving partly because of their use of analytics. But how can HR do the same and be successful? What does analytics mean for HR? And what exactly is HR analytics?

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