Intel, Unisys Partner on Secure x86 Platform for Cloud, Big Data

Intel and Unisys are working together to create a secure computing platform that will enable organizations to run Windows, Linux and Unix workloads on the same platform and to more easily migrate those workloads from RISC-based environments to x86 systems. The computing platform will bring together security capabilities for mission-critical workloads from Unisys with the latest security and computing features Intel has built into its Xeon server-processor platform. The move comes at a time when Intel is putting more high-end features into its Xeon chips, and as Unisys continues its decade-long plans to migrate many of its mainframe systems from its proprietary chips onto Intel processors. Now the two companies are working together to create a server platform that will make it easier to run high-end workloads on Intel technology.
“Now we are combining recent innovations from the two companies to provide a powerful, compelling and cost-efficient server platform able to handle today’s most demanding applications while delivering the security, reliability, predictability and other attributes that organizations have come to expect from true mission-critical systems,” Unisys Chairman and CEO Ed Coleman said in a statement. “It’s a powerful combination that we believe will reignite the enterprise computing market.”

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