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Inside the wacky world of weird data: What's getting crunched

“Big data” is the term industry insiders use to describe a transformational change in computer analytics and business management. It means the slicing and dicing of enormous data sets to discover new—and often surprising—insights into the way the world works.
It’s a red-hot field right now — because of twin revolutions going on in the amount of computer data available to study and the dramatic evolution of algorithms and analytics used to study that information.
Where computer scientists were once limited to mere gigabytes or terabytes of information, they’re now studying petabytes and even exabytes of information. You don’t need to know the math to know that’s a colossal amount.
By one claim, all the words ever spoken by human beings ever could be stored in about 5 exabytes of data. And the amount of data in the world is growing exponentially—by another claim, 90 percent of the information in the world has been created just in the last two years.

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