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The most innovative banks of 2015

I just attended the Global Banking Innovation Awards at the BAI Retail Delivery Show, an annual event that has gained traction and represents banks from all regions of the world. Interestingly, Poland, Spain and Turkey regularly appear, which reflects my view that these are the most innovative Euorpean countries for finance, although France got a shout out thanks to Hello Bank! as did Germany thanks to Fidor.
Asia would have more representation if more entered.  I assume this is a language thing, as I was surprised there were no major players from South Korea, China, Japan or other innovative Asian markets in the finals.
Anyways, here are the 9 categories finalists and winners, for those interested (and you should be as some of these banks are really doing amazing things!).
Product and Service Innovation
Finalists: BEA (Hong Kong), CIBC (Canada), Desjardins (Canada), Fidor (Germany), Bank Smart (Poland)
And the winner is:

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