Indian storage sector is in transformation

Whoever said storage is boring (and way down in supply chain of IT architecture) is not keeping pace with the dramatic transformation that is currently underway in this sector. Today, in a world where the megatrends of social, cloud, Big Data and mobility are storming the enterprise; the policy environment continues to tighten need for compliance; and general stakeholder demands an ‘anytime anywhere’ culture, storage is fast becoming the cornerstone of IT infrastructure among Indian enterprises. These developments are driving unparalleled innovation in the storage sector.

Discussions within the enterprise have moved from gigabytes to terabytes to now petabyte scale. For such environments, apart from large capacity, the need for stable performance and consistency is paramount. So storage systems need to now factor in scalability and availability as crucial considerations beyond just capacity. Such storage systems are ideal for environments where you need to parallel process huge amounts of information request like for Internet social networking companies.

Also, there have been instances where customers in India have deployed highly scalable architectures using Open Source (Hadoop like) technologies on non-proprietary hardware. This fuelled further innovation, where storage arrays have started offering out-of-the-box compatibility for Hadoop file systems offering best of both worlds. This has enabled businesses to analyze their data and extract value from it more effectively.


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