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HR Boss asks what 2014 holds for the recruitment industry in Asia?

HR Boss have put forward their top six recruiting trends for Asia in 2014. In no particular order the company have made the following forecasts:

1. Use of Big Data Metrics for Recruiting (Talent Analytics)

Brad Pitt stars in Moneyball, the film about how data revolutionised sports recruiting and transformed a team of underestimated baseball players into superstar athletes. In the so-called ‘War for Talent’, those who make data-supported decisions instead of relying on gut-feel will take the lead in 2014. We will see a tangible shift away from recruiting decisions based on ‘intuition’, with the smartest recruiters looking at less obvious but more accurate indicators of a candidate’s true value.

For instance, US predictive analytics company Evolv discovered that applicants who fill out online job applications with third-party browsers like Firefox or Chrome perform better and change jobs less frequently than people who use Internet Explorer. Apparently, the significance of a candidate independently choosing to download a browser that has not been pre-installed on their computer is indicative of a higher IQ and sharper sense of initiative. This is just one example of how analysis of candidate behaviors can help recruiters make the right hires- and move away from guesswork towards data-driven decision making.

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