HP Announces New Consulting And Support Services

HP has announced new consulting and support services that improve network simplicity, scalability and agility, enabling organisations to reduce the time spent on IT maintenance so they can take on more strategic initiatives.
Cloud, virtualisation, mobility and Big Data are placing unprecedented demands on data center network flexibility and agility. Technology enablers such as Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and software defined networking (SDN) reduce complexity and improve agility. However, many of today’s multi-vendor datacentre environments are too complex, over-provisioned and rigid to support new technology options.
HP Technology Services can help customers solve the challenges posed by these new technologies, enabling them to ultimately deliver better flexibility and agility in their networks. Serving as a single point of contact, HP works closely with customers to develop a network modernisation vision and roadmap that incorporates open standards, IPv6 and SDN. In addition, HP also provides flexible support to help operate and evolve heterogeneous data center networks to meet changing business needs.

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