How to utilize cloud computing, big data, and crowdsourcing for an agile enterprise

The world is undergoing unprecedented change with political instability, economic turmoil, technological shifts, globalization, and the demands of a new generation of workers. Every organization, regardless of industry, must continually reassess what it does in order to survive and prosper. This revolution will have profound implications, and all organizations need to consider how the cloud and big data impact their industry.

Rather than be drowned by the feeling of impending doom, however, organizations should look to cloud computing, the promise of big data, and new approaches for research and development such as crowdfunding to remain competitive, increase efficiency, and generate new business.

In times of change, opportunities for disruption abound. Using these new technologies as well as embracing a culture of agility will help ameliorate the risk of disruption for existing businesses and give new organizations opportunities to prove to be a disruptor in the marketplace.

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