How to start a big data analytics project

When starting a Big Data analytics project, time is a very important issue. It may take from a few weeks to many years, and it depends on many factors, such as understanding the requirements, choosing the right technology, the complexity of the analytics and many more. An important thing to understand is that a big data analytics solution should be a business decision, not an IT decision.
An interesting approach on how to start a big data analytics project is described in 8 proven steps to starting a big data analytics project. So, according to the article, here are 8 important steps to consider when initiating a big data analytics project.
1. Problem. Determine what are the problems that you want to solve. Identify what issues your organization is facing and try to find solutions for them.

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    The path to a successful big data implementation isn’t straightforward. There are many decisions and considerations along the way – from technology, to people to process – all these need to come together for a successful outcome. Hortonworks is in the business of helping enterprises achieve their desired business outcomes with big data as effectively as possible. Learn more from

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