How to Escape the Dark Valley of Your Hadoop Journey

It happens to the best of us. You know your business is bursting with useful data, and you’ve only begun to scratch the surface. So you strike out to build an analytical platform, using all the great open-source tools you’ve been hearing so much about. First, you have to capture all the data that’s coming in, before you even know what you’re going to do with it. So you build a butterfly net to catch it all, using Hadoop. But as soon as the net is cast, everything goes dark. You know the data’s there, but you can’t get at it, or if you can, it comes out in unusable formats. Your current systems won’t talk to it, and you don’t have a staff of PhDs in programming, the budget to buy a United Nations’ worth of translators or hire an army of consultants. A chill runs down the back of your neck. What have you done? You’ve entered the Dark Valley of Hadoop. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you’re not alone, and there’s a way out.

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