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How to develop customer-centric airline through data innovation

The aviation industry is constantly looking at ways to change and innovate. Recently Airbus announced that it was planning to launch a new Concorde that could cut the travel time from London to New York to just one hour.
This dramatically shortened flight time must be good news for both travellers and airlines. Yet according to a report by technology company Amadeus, the challenge for airlines lies in customer experience.
The report shows that consumers are still frustrated with today’s airport experience and it is clear that from the traveller’s perspective, a stress-free passenger experience is still their number one priority.
Unfortunately to achieve this is easier said than done and will require more automated processes from airlines in order to deliver the speed, convenience and ease of use that travellers are looking for.
So how can airlines leverage technology to better serve future travellers, and how well positioned are airline operators to adapt to and take advantage of expected future developments in travel technology?
According to Amadeus, 69% of airlines sell tickets via social media networks. However, one of the main challenges that airlines have today is the ownership of the customer relationship.

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