How-to: Create a Simple Hadoop Cluster with VirtualBox

I wanted to get familiar with the big data world, and decided to test Hadoop. Initially, I used Cloudera’s pre-built virtual machine with its full Apache Hadoop suite pre-configured (called Cloudera QuickStart VM), and gave it a try. It was a really interesting and informative experience. The QuickStart VM is fully functional and you can test many Hadoop services, even though it is running as a single-node cluster.
I wondered what it would take to install a small four-node cluster…
I did some research and I found this excellent video on YouTube presenting a step by step explanation on how to setup a cluster with VMware and Cloudera. I adapted this tutorial to use VirtualBox instead, and this article describes the steps used.

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  1. Deepali 4 months ago

    I have 2Gb ram and minimum requirement for cloudera should be 2gb and there is no virtualization option in my bios.suggest me another virtualizationsoftware which can be run on my laptop

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