How to choose a data analytics provider

There’s a lot of great information out there about how enterprises are using data analytics to better understand customers, improve business processes and discover new markets. CITEworld alone has an entire section devoted to news, information and use cases about big data and analytics.

Yet we’re still in the early adoption phase, which means most enterprises — particularly small and mid-sized organizations — haven’t even begun trying to leverage big data and analytics.

Many of those enterprises which are eager to begin down the data analytics road soon face a sobering reality: There actually are many data analytics roads, or options — vendors large and small, open source and proprietary platforms, software and managed services.

So where to begin? Simple, according to IDC analyst Dan Vesset: You begin your data analytics journey from where you are.

“I would start by determining what type of analysis you want to do,” says Vesset, IDC’s program vice president for business analytics and big data. “Figure out the need and that will determine the tools.”

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