How Qubit's Data Supply Chain Shows the Power of HBASE

I recently spent an evening with the Qubit braintrust in the Ace Hotel in Manhattan, NYC’s little piece of San Francisco. Amid the constellation of glowing Apple AAPL +0.66% logos on the laptops in the common area, Graham Cooke, CEO of Qubit explained the structure of a data supply chain based on HBASE that I think has tremendous implications for how to properly use Hadoop in the enterprise. What Qubit has done represents an architecture that I believe will become much imitated.
After my meeting with Cooke I then attended HBASECON in San Francisco, at which I found four or five examples of how HBASE is being used in creative ways that break new ground in both scalability, data management, commercial SQL replacement, and new types of analytics.
These two encounters convinced me that there is a strong case to be made that HBASE combined with the traditional data warehouse ecosystem will be an important way Hadoop will transform the enterprise. Remember, HBASE is the way that the rest of us will get Google GOOGL +0.56%’s Big Table, which is acknowledged as the inspiration and a continued source of guidance for HBASE. Google’s Big Table is used to power applications that have unprecedented scale, and also to provide the information needed for analytics. The Qubit team is made up of several executives that helped build Google Analytics.

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