How Much Does an Open Source Analytics Platform Cost?

Every day, decisions are made by businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations based on data that has been collected and analyzed. If there are faults or mistakes in the analysis of this data, the resulting decisions could have detrimental effects.

There are several reasons why mistakes in data analysis happen; from staff not having appropriate knowledge and training, to time constraints, and lack of suitable software. Using an open source analytics platform can alleviate these potential problems and aid your organization in making informed decisions.

The platform or solution you choose and its associated costs will depend on your organization and its particular needs.

Organizations and Government agencies do not just vary in terms of size and focus. They also differ in the type of environment in which they work. Certain environments, such as labs, have very specific needs, especially in relation to the type and size of the data with which they work. These organizations need very flexible and scalable platforms to deal effectively with their particular data sets.

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