Machine Learning

How Machine Learning Can Improve Customer Interaction

The one thing most businesses strive for is to make sure their customers are happy. In the past, the approach to this was fairly simple, engaging the customer through cheerful face-to-face interaction and seeing to all their needs personally. But as technology advances, more and more business dealings are taking place online, away from the face-to-face model that served so well for years. Many businesses are now turning to machine learning as the solution to improve customer interaction.

If you’ve ever gone shopping in an online store such as Amazon or searched for something on Google, you’ve likely encountered tools that businesses use to engage the customer on a more personal level. Your actions on a website are often monitored, from what links you click, to what words you put in the search bar. This information is transmitted back to the business through data. Sorting through that data can be an extremely complex task, but machine learning makes that task easier.

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