How Intel is using IoT and big data to improve food and water security

California’s farm economy is a $43.6 billion industry. The state produces nearly half of US-grown fruits, nuts, and vegetables, and it grows more than 400 different commodities. Its exports have also consistently increased in the last few years, reaching $18 billion in 2012.
The state is also experiencing a devastating drought. Nearly one-third of its water is sourced from snowpack, which is hovering at about 20% of its normal levels. Water reservoirs are running low, and rural communities have been warned that they may completely run out of the precious resource.
It’s not good news for the state, where farmers are being forced to thin herds, lose crops, and raise prices. California is the leading producer of US-grown avocados and the world leader in almond production, which makes for hard decisions when those crop values and demand continue to jump year after year.
Intel is driving the movement to use big data to solve large-scale food security problems, starting with those in California. Through its short term projects, the company is increasing research initiatives and data access, but long-term, Intel wants to create an accessible, reliable reference platform for scientists around the world.

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