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How Grammarly & Google are using Artificial Intelligence for flawless writing

Earlier, in order to run a quick spelling and grammar check on any text, we would rely on Microsoft’s Check Document feature. While it was definitely helpful, one would have to copy the text to a Word document to run the check. Now there are many online editing tools – including Grammarly and Google Doc’s inbuilt grammar suggestions, that can do pretty much the same thing as the Check Document tool. And these online tools are designed to improve your writing, by not only helping you with grammar and spelling but also sentence structure. With the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, they are now offering more accurate results.

Google and Grammarly suggestions prevent embarrassing grammar mistakes caused by sheer carelessness. We can use these tools even for writing an email, for formal, documented conversations, and for important assignments as well. It’s also something that professionals are dependent on to detect the errors. They have made digital writing so much easier and more accurate than ever. Let us have a look at how these impressive editing tools used by all categories and genres of writers to avoid both major and minor errors.


Grammarly was introduced in 2009 and since then it has helped many to deliver quality content. Currently, it has around fifteen million active daily users. It is one of the top grammar checkers available online, and in its current condition, slated to overtake everybody else. It’s easy to use and flexible. You can download this tool for your mobile device. Or get an extension to your browser – be it Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. You can also use the Grammarly desktop app. Right now, in order to gain more exposure and users, Grammarly offers free grammar checks to users.

How does it work?

With artificial intelligence of course!

It uses AI to offer high-quality training data to enable the algorithm to show examples of what it should look like. After a lot of effort and research and feeding the algorithms with data of proper grammar use cases, the AI model can now understand grammar rules. Including spelling, punctuation, and incorrect application of sentence structure or words. The machine is able to correct all these errors. It also uses natural language processing to understand and analyze the language, character, words, and full paragraphs.

The human feedback system is there to ensure improvements as well as adapt to individualistic style. For example, when humans do not accept a proposed suggestion, the system notes this and offers alternative linguistics workings and suggestions. They’ll use the input of the machine to make the required corrections. With more exposure to the text, the machine can offer better suggestions. In short, the algorithm learns not only the correct usage of words and sentence formations but as well as the preferred individual style. Which is why the company switched to a consumer service model in 2010 to have more opportunity to improve their machine learning algorithm as well as to access the major sources of data.

In 2017, investors like IVP, General Catalyst, and Spark Capital invested $110 million into this profitable company. With the aim to enhance the capabilities and to adopt more advanced features to benefit of users. Since then, the company has made significant improvements in their software and are looking to expand to newer capabilities.

Grammarly’s software is constantly adding new check features that also identifies vagueness to help you write more precisely. Hopefully, the new funds will also enable the company to add more staff to continue improvements to the editing tool and algorithm. At present, this editing tool is able to tackle the basic mechanics of your writing such as the grammars, sentence structure, spelling, and inappropriate use of words. It helps with better clarity and readability of a text. The next is to offer content specific suggestions.

Google Docs’ inbuilt grammar suggestion tool

Most of us are pretty familiar with Google Docs. It is one of the easiest ways for teams to share and edit content. And there are a lot of ways about how Google can improve your writing skills. So that you can write better in a given topic. And the good news? Grammarly is now offering extensions to Google Docs for optimal grammar checking services.

However, Google wants to dominate the game by introducing a new grammar suggestions product. With also includes a language translation feature! While the accuracy level is said to be on par with professional human translators and interpreters, this new addition can make a significant difference to the production of more globalized content. It will not only translate one language to another. But, a poorly written text can be translated to corrected one in another language. Users can also review grammar errors which the tool will highlight.

These developments are making significant changes in the writing industry. But it does not mean that these tools are going to replace human writers anytime soon. As said by the Grammarly blog, their company works with the objective of helping users to express themselves in the best possible manner whether it’s for a job application or a simple text to a friend. The company wants to remain true to the image of an ideal communication assistant to help the users understand each other in a better way. And with the right expression.

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