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How Fashion Retailer Nordstrom Drives Innovation With Big Data Experiments

Nordstrom is an American upscale fashion retailer with 225 stores and doing over $ 10 billion in annual sales. John W. Nordstrom founded it in 1901 and it embraces new technologies, including big data. Nordstrom understands the possibilities of big data and is willing to experiment with it. Although some of the experiments they do did not get the expected results, or caused a public uproar, they are moving in the right direction with big data.
Online customers are used to being tracked, followed and know that their every move is analysed. In traditional bricks and mortar shops this is a new movement to which customers have not yet gotten used to. Earlier we discussed the software RetailNext, which is a tool that tracks who enters the store, where they walk, how long they stay in the store or how long they stop at certain areas. Nordstrom started an experiment in Dallas-Fort Worth area in the fall of 2012 where they used such a tool as well as WIFI signals to monitor customer behaviour. Although retailers cannot personally identify individuals, when Nordstrom posted a sign about this, their customers became unnerved. Due to all the comments Nordstrom received they decided to stop the experiment again.

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