How Enterprises Can Plan For Wearables

By now, everyone from techies to gamers to athletes has heard that wearables are “the next big thing.”

As a 20-year veteran of the technology industry, I’ve seen the emergence of new next-gen technologies come and go – from the client server to the desktop, to PCs and laptops, to the current mobile era.

Look at today’s wearables and you may notice something quite remarkable this time around. What makes this latest wave of hardware exponentially more exciting than other evolutions is the connectivity with the cloud. Thanks to the cloud, devices like Google Glass and Fitbit have access to geolocation information, your past history, the Internet, plus the ability to record, broadcast and post to social media.

We have access to far more relevant information than ever before. What makes Google Glass awesome is that when I put on my Glass, I automatically see my “Google Now” and other relevant data. Yes, hardware is hot these days, but only because of the software behind it. It’s the combination of the device plus the cloud that matters. They’re both connected in an ecosystem.

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