How DomainPower Enables Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

More and more, companies are starting to realize the potential of cloud data warehouses and the viability of the cloud. While solutions such as Amazon Redshift offer reliable cloud data warehouse options, they often do not support real-time data migration. As you may know, when it comes to business analytics, having real time data readily available is imperative to success.
To enable real-time data synchronization between a company’s on-premises warehouse and a cloud data warehouse, companies such as DomainPower have created successful solutions through Attunity CloudBeam and Attunity Replicate.
DomainPower is the leading real-time bidding exchange connecting online advertisers to rich native advertising inventory. The DomainPower platform consists of a centralized auction engine which brings advertisers and publishers together through customized adapters.
Previously, DomainPower had relied on their on-premises databases, but given the high volume of its transactional data, they realized that they needed a data warehouse solution to enable analysis of market trends related to its supply inventory and the value of advertising.

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