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How cars will make better use of the data they collect every time you drive

Cars of the future will be big data collectors in and of themselves, continuously monitoring the operation and function of the many moving parts of the vehicle and hopefully giving you a warning well in advance of pending failure.
In its new report, “Emerging Technologies: Big Data in the Connected Car,” researchers at IHS Automotive forecasts there will be 152 million actively connected cars on roads globally by 2020, generating some 11.1 petabytes of data on an annual basis. That’s about 30 terabytes a day.
What will be in that data? Four key items, said Mark Boyadjis, senior analyst of infotainment and Human-Machine Interface at IHS Automotive: diagnostics, location, user experience (UX) /feature tracking, and adaptive driver assistance systems (autonomy). He said all four of these areas will drive sales, value-added services, and customer experience in the sector for years to come.

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