How big data makes shopping online suck less

Clothes are fickle. While it’s a hassle to go to a store and try on dozens of different garments to find the right fit, it’s nearly impossible to guess what will fit when shopping online. Onstage at Roadmap 2013, Michelle Lam, co-Founder and CEO of lingerie shop True&Co., talked about how her team has turned to data to not only ease a customer’s shopping experience, but to dictate how garments are produced in the future.
“We’re creating an ongoing dialogue with the customer to collect data without friction,” Lam explained.
Tackling the difficult topic of sizing bras online — a confounding problem in the real world, as research shows that up to 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra — Lam said that her company starts collecting data from the customer by asking uncomfortable questions in a personable way.

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