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How Big Data is Revolutionizing the Food Industry

The food industry is by one of the largest and most vital industries in the world. It encompasses everything from producers and shipping companies, to grocers and restaurants. Everyone needs food for survival, and most of us thoroughly enjoy to eat. Thus, it makes sense that the industry would take advantage of the same big data services as financial firms and marketing departments to better understand their consumer, increase efficiency and even create new recipes to try. Here are just three examples of how big data is revolutionizing the food industry.
Bacon has always been a versatile ingredient. It fits in at any meal and is great on its own or added to anything from soup and salad to sandwiches and burgers. Lately, however, our obsession with bacon seems to have been taken to a whole new level, with bacon inundating our desserts, cocktails and even our clothing. A data mining project completed by and analyzed this obsession to see if bacon truly was a magical ingredient that made any dish taste better. The project sifted through 906,539 ratings and discovered that sandwiches that include bacon see the biggest improvements in ratings. Unfortunately for those bacon dessert lovers, it was found that bacon does not improve ratings on dessert recipes.

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