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How big data is helping to prevent suicides

Big data isn’t just about finding more effective ways to market and advertise — it’s also about making the world a better place.
One of the industries in which big data is having its greatest impact is health care. So many improvements are being made with better results in hospitals and healthcare facilities across the world. One area, however, that continues to prove extremely difficult for the healthcare industry, and other industries, is suicide prevention.\
The positive side is that services that offer Hadoop in the cloud and other big data applications in the cloud, are readily available for any business and any size. Big data no longer requires big money.
Because of the complicated and sensitive nature of suicide, it’s been extremely difficult to successfully discover and prevent it without people specifically revealing that they’re contemplating suicide.
Sure, there are warning signs and symptoms that people can look for, but they are far from definitive. What if there were a successful way to constantly and accurately predict patients with suicidal intentions? An untold amount of good could come from that.

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