How Big Data Could Change Football Forever

From the sabermetrics used in baseball to the NBA’s motion-tracking cameras, innovation abounds in the world of sports. Football is no stranger to these developments, and there’s one little-known company that might just change the game forever.

I’m talking about Competitive Sports Analysis, or CSA for short. I was given an exclusive look at the Atlanta-based company, which uses “Big Data” to analyze sports for everyone from head coaches to fantasy players.

CSA’s flagship products are its scoutPRO Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball editions, both of which are part of Gannett’s (NYSE: GCI ) USA Today Sports Media Group. Each allows users to analyze fantasy sports from an objective and subjective standpoint, combining commonly used stats with expert opinions. I was given access to a demo version of scoutPRO Fantasy Football for Weeks 16 and 17 of this year’s NFL season.

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  1. Sisodia Arpit 5 years ago

    Other sports would also catch fire.

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