How Big Data Can Solve Windows XP Migrations: Interview with BDNA's Mahesh Kumar

I recently had the opportunity to interview BDNA’s CMO, Mahesh Kumar, about the company’s unique solutions to help maximize efficiency and minimize time and resources for those Windows XP migration projects that have to be completed by April 8, 2014.

BDNA is a company focused on data. Long before the term “Big Data” was coined, BDNA was already working to manage the volumes of data being created and consumed by companies all over the world.

How can a data-focused company help with Windows XP migrations? You might be surprised how important getting a handle on specific pieces of data can save costs and accelerate the move from an old operating system to a newer one. One of my goals during the interview was to try and get a handle on this myself and I feel confident all of that (and more) was answered.

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