Hortonworks: the red hat of hadoop

Red Hat has long been lauded for their approach of focusing on and building a sound infrastructure upon which all of their subsequent innovations were built upon. Their open source approach was and continues to be fairly unique leading many tech pundits to claim their model was a one-off success. Most people take it as a statement of fact that there will never be another Red Hat of anything. However, John Furrier, founder of SiliconANGLE, posits that Hortonworks, with their similar DNA being applied in the data world, is, in fact, the Red Hat of Hadoop. “The discipline required,” he says, “really is a long game.” Furrier and Wikibon’s Stu Miniman welcomed John Kreisa, Vice President of Strategic Marketing for Hortonworks, to a special session of theCUBE at this week’s Red Hat Summit.

Bringing up Intel’s recent strategic investment in Cloudera, Furrier claimed this could only be viewed as a significant validation for the Big Data space. “That’s big news,” he said. “That’s got everyone’s attention. It take Hadoop to the top of the front page of the business press.” He then asked Kreisa to address the Cloudera news and how it impacts Hortonworks and relates to other conversations happening at this week’s summit.

Agreeing with Furrier’s contention, Kreisa said, “I think just overall it’s a good validation for the market, in general. That the large vendors continue to invest in the community, much like a lot of the partnerships that we form, it’s making sure there is investment at various levels, whether it’s engineering or elsewhere.” He sees the Intel/Cloudera announcement as being important for the continued drive of the technology to the next generation and moving it steadily forward to the Enterprise. “You’ve got to be the company that can really innovate on that technology.”

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