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Healthcare's use of big data stumbles but isn't down for the count

There are nearly 20 medical specialty areas for healthcare professionals, and the act of a primary care provider referring a patient to a specialist for a particular condition is routine. This is great for patients who require care from experts, but not so great when it comes to coordinating overall patient care or a holistic approach to patients that looks at underlying causes of diseases, and not just treating symptoms.

Consequently, it hasn’t surprised me that for the many industry verticals I have consulted with on IT, nowhere is there a greater disconnect on communications coordination and information management than in healthcare. There are reasons why this is the case.

The high degree of specialization in the industry creates many information silos that are difficult to reconcile in the push for a universal electronic medical record (EMR). There are also a high number of mergers within the industry that leave the unfinished business of disparate and incompatible medical systems to the end.

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